Like a fine wine, restaurants get better with age.

Maybe that's not actually the case for all restaurants but when you consider most places fail within the first few years of opening, longevity has to mean something.

I'll just have to take Esquire's word for it though as this is the first I've ever heard of this eatery.

Esquire put together a massive list titled We Found the Oldest Restaurant in Your Area that you Have to Visit ASAP and needless to say I was kind of surprised.

Primarily due to the fact that this restaurant has been around for nearly 175 years.

Esquire via MSN:

Since 1848, diners have flocked to this Nashotah restaurant for hearty steak, pork and lamb dishes, but a local favorite is the roast duck with wild rice. Updates to the dining room have removed original details like a working fireplace, but the renovations have diners coming through the doors 168 years after its opening.

It's called the Red Circle Inn and it's officially the oldest restaurant in Wisconsin, but interestingly it's not considered the top restaurant in the tiny town (pop. 1366) in which it is located according to TripAdvisor.

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Red Circle Inn has been reviewed over 100 times on TripAdvisor rating the joint a 4.5 out of 5.

So it's got favorable reviews but some called their experience "disappointing" with one person going as far as saying "Charming at first. Downhill from there."

On the other hand, Laurie P. on TripAdvisor called Red Circle Inn a "Classic."

Always a lovely dining experience. Service is impeccable, food is great, drinks are good, wine was very good.

This might be one where you need to make the call yourself. Red Circle Inn is located at N44W33013 Watertown Plank Road in Nashotah.

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