When Lauren Alaina and her band first started performing in bars, they covered Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" because of her dad's love for Rockford's hometown heroes and rock 'n roll. But, the story doesn't end here. After researching country artists and bands that covered songs outside of their genre I found this story from Rolling Stone.

Not only did Lauren cover another Cheap Trick song, the physical location where she and her band recorded the track makes this even more special. It goes back to 2019 when Lauren Alaina was part of a special project called “B Studios, presented by Scrubbing Bubbles", according to Rolling Stone, she dropped the vocals in the bathroom of Sound City Studios in Los Angeles, where Cheap Trick recorded the track decades ago.

Every room sounds different, and every room can bring something different to the table,” she said. Sometimes you just gotta sing a vocal in the bathroom. (Lauren Alaina via Rolling Stone)

Her version of the song might not be like the version you've heard, but that was done on purpose and it perfectly acceptable. Maybe I'm slightly biased because I love Cheap Trick, I'm a fan of Lauren, and I enjoy a good cover.

We kind of stripped it back and got to showcase what the song is and put a little Lauren Alaina on it.

Given Cheap Trick shared Rolling Stone's article on Twitter, it's safe to say the band has given approval. You probably will too.

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