(Let's see how many deflate jokes can I squeeze into this article.)

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions
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Here's a pic of Tom Brady appearing aghast when he finds out Cheap Trick is on tour and not in town.

After the New England Patriots were defeated by Kansas City it would want to make sense the team would want to get out of dodge. I mean, that kind of underdog defeat would really take the air out of a team's sail. Nothing will deplete an ego like losing a sure win game. The Pats' "we're going to be undefeated again" thought balloon has been burst. There's nowhere else to go but up - unless you let the air out. Maybe that's why one of the Patriots' plane landed in Rockford?

Was Tom Brady in need of some Beef-A-Roo? Maybe Tom Brady wanted winning advice from Sean Considine? Could Mr. Brady be searching for an escape by jamming out with Cheap Trick? Was Tom Brady actually in Rockford?

One of the New England Patriots' jets did land in Screw City but Tom Brady was not on the flight.

Sources say the plane didn't carry anyone from the team and it did not make an emergency landing at Chicago Rockford International Airport. Airshow Stuff (on Facebook) says the new jet came to Rockford to be checked before being delivered to the team.

The New England Patriots have a new team jet (actually two of them) and this one made its way to Rockford, IL for some certifications before being delivered to the team.

The jet passing all tests has not been confirmed but don't those tires look a little ... deflated?

All jokes aside it shows how important aerospace technology is in Rockford. World class state-of-the-art jets are making stops in the forest city to pass certification tests.

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