With the holiday shopping season upon us, it is even more crucial to stay constantly aware of our surroundings.

Before heading out on your next shopping spree, make sure your phone is charged, easily accessible, and as this woman from DeKalb is warning, "always trust your gut" if you come across a sketchy situation.

In cases like this, there is no such thing as being too cautious. My gut tells me this story would have ended much differently if MacKenzie Meadows hadn't trusted her instincts...


Ladies, please be careful, stay constantly alert, and warn everyone you love to do the same.

I also need to say one last thing after reading through the comments on MacKenzie's post, because every time someone takes to social media with a warning like this, negative comments and criticisms quickly follow and it infuriates me.

We were not there. We did not experience this, and we don't know how we would react to it once adrenaline and fear kick in. MacKenzie did what she thought was right and would keep her safe. She has since said she filed a police report. She has made her experience public to keep others safe. Why would anyone criticize her for that?

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