In a social media post that has been shared over 14,000 times, a mother of a DeKalb grade school girl, claims that her daughter was involved in a serious accident and the school never bothered to contact her.

Monica Jefferson's daughter attends Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary School in DeKalb. On Tuesday, Jefferson posted on Facebook about an incident that involved her daughter. Jefferson said her daughter participated on a sledding field trip with the school, when she got injured. The incident left her daughter with facial injuries. She posted photos of her injured daughter  HERE

Jefferson claims that after the incident occurred, no one from DeKalb School District 428 or Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary school bothered to call her. She had to hear about the injury from "an outsider."

Jefferson said:

Nobody call me and let me know how she hurt her face or what was going on with my baby face at all. But I get a call from a outsider about what happened to my baby face. The school didn't call me or the principal didn't call.

When Jefferson showed to to the school and asked to speak with the Principal of the school to inquire as to what happened, she claims the Principal did not meet with her, because the Principal was "in a meeting." She also says that her child was not taken to the hospital and paramedics were never called.

Jefferson maintains that she should have been called immediately.

This incident has sparked outrage among other parents and members of the DeKalb community because of the fact that the school and administration has been silent

DeKalb District 428 has not commented on the incident and has yet to offer an explanation.


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