A man in DeKalb was arrested after complaining to the police that a prostitute ripped him off.

When I read about how some people get arrested, I just shake my head in disbelief.

Could someone really be that ignorant to the law?

The answer is yes.

"A man who reported to police a "woman" he paid to have sex with him never showed up has been charged with solicitation of a sexual act."

I don't understand what this guy was thinking. How does he think its okay to call the cops about this? Again, shaking my head.

According to police records, the man paid the woman $40 through PayPal for sex. She never showed up so he wanted his bank to refund the money. When they refused, he called the cops.

The gentleman showed the authorities the messages exchanged with the lady. They show he gave her $40 for gas and would give her another $50 when she arrived, which she never received.

The prostitute eventually agreed to refund his money but the customer was still trying to convince her to come over for the sex.

The suspect told police he doesn't believe he should get arrested because he never had sex with the woman.

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