What's the definition of Rockford? According to Urban Dictionary it's a "craptastic city in northern Illinois."

Urban Dictionary is a website that collects its users' definitions of slang terms. There also are some users who have taken it upon themselves to try to create new slang using proper nouns.

That includes Rockford.

Do a search for "Rockford" and you'll be inundated with an avalanche of negativity and an unhealthy dose of racist terms.

"You always get a bizarre show when you visit Rockford, but it's not necessarily a show you want to see," user Aitlan Favafa writes.

One user decided to use the platform to rail on the Rockford Public School system. Something tells me not all of this information may be true.

"The school system very well prepares students for a productive life of janitorial service, or prehaps [sic] entrance into the fast food industry, which is the main source of income in Rockford, other then drug dealing and prostitution. On that note, It may be speculated that there is crack in the city water supply," user Caveman135 said.

Want to know about the nightlife in Rockford?

"Everything closes at ten, and the 'happening' section of town involves a truck stop and the Perkins restaurant," user yayaya said.

I am not entirely convinced yayaya has been awake after 10 p.m.

Of course the communities surrounding Rockford aren't immune to the hate on Urban Dictionary either.

"As for love's park, a suburb of Rockford, there is no love there, just pain and suffering," Caveman135 said.