Darius Rucker is set to appear on Undercover Boss, and the show is sharing a glimpse at how they transformed his looks.

In a video excerpt posted online, the program takes Rucker through the process of the prosthetics required to alter his appearance enough to go undercover and not be recognized. The multi-step process involved getting a copy of the singer's face, then applying the prosthetics on top of that in clay before sculpting them in silicone.

Rucker is going undercover to try to help discover some new musical talent without the artists under consideration altering their behavior toward him because of his fame. He's playing the character of Jackie Middleton, "a retired school teacher who dreams of one day playing music for real." The artists he works with will believe that he is competing for the chance to launch a music career.

"Just make sure they don't know who I am, and I'll figure out how to change my voice. That's the thing I'm thinking about the most," Rucker says in the video above.

He cringes at times during the uncomfortable-looking process, but the results are undeniable. By the end of the video above, Rucker looks completely unlike himself, and while the clip doesn't hint at how he alters his voice, it looks like his stunning transformation might actually succeed.

But will he be able to pull it off, or will some aspiring musician see right through Rucker's disguise? Tune in on Friday (May 12) at 8PM on CBS to see how Rucker's run on Undercover Boss turns out.

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