Danielle Bradbery's new song "Stop Draggin' Your Boots" is a modern twist on an ages-old frustration. The singer is a woman tired of being played, and she wants her man to go all-in or get out.

A gritty shuffle drives the mood of this new song, described as a continuation of music that Bradbery released in 2020. While far from traditional, nothing about Nathan Chapman's production pushes country boundaries too far, either.

Sonically, "Stop Draggin' Your Boots" could easily fit between any two songs on country radio. Lyrically, it's going to be a song that many scorned women appreciate.

The chorus hits just 22 seconds into the sub-three minute, progressive honky-tonker. That's a formula programmers tend to appreciate.

"Stop draggin' your boots / Up onto my porch / Kickin' mud off your heels / Knockin' on my door / Thinkin' I'll let you leave 'em by the bed on the floor / You ain't gonna crash your party here no more / You better get to walking if you don't want what you got / Either love me or not / Just stop draggin' your boots," Bradbery sings.

Credit Josh Kear, Hillary Lindsey and Gordie Sampson for the lyrics of this song. The 25-year-old Texan's smooth swagger is what defines it all, however. She's developed a real easy confidence over the last four years that's manifesting into some great, pop-friendly country music.

The second verse goes: "There're more fishes out in the sea / I can hear my mama tell me / 'Cut 'em loose, throw 'em back if they play with your heart / There're plenty more boys at the bar.'" 

attachment-Stop Draggin Your Boots

Bradbery currently doesn't have any dates on her touring calendar. Fans can keep up with her on Instagram as well, where she's prone to sharing behind-the-scenes pictures from her life in music:

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