A Dairyhäus ice cream experience is unforgettable. A small, family-owned shop, serving homemade ice cream, in downtown Rockton.

I will never forget the spring of 2014; my ten-year-old daughter and I waiting for the day the tiny, red door would have a sign saying "come in, we're open." We were hooked from from the first taste.

Dairyhäus, like other essential business, has had to make some big changes. If their first weekend open with those new changes are any indication, Dairyhäus ice cream is a quarantine essential.

Contrary to what the headline states, Dairyhäus did not build an actual drive-thru window, but they are back, and here's how you get your d-häus fix:

Dairyhaus via Facebook
Dairyhaus via Facebook

From what we're hearing, things went incredibly well for the first weekend.

Due to an overwhelming response, we will open up pick-up to everyday, from 3pm-8pm. We're also adding new varieties of ice cream to our website daily, so if there is a particular flavor you are looking for keep your eyes peeled, they're going quickly! (Dairyhaus Facebook page)

That same Facebook post above, also included the news that if things continue to go so well. D-häus owner, Brent Murray, may add waffle cones to the shop's offerings. At present, it's just pints and half-gallons.

Head to dairyhausrockton.com now to place your order, for some ice cream or for a 'Scoop Local' T-shirt.