I have always been a "pizza dabber". Someone who takes a paper towel and 'dabs' excess grease from atop a slice of pizza before eating it. My kids always think I'm crazy. Seems you can save big calories if you 'dab'. Details here.


Have you ever wondered just how many calories dabbing that oozy stuff off your slice really saves you?

According to The Food Network, "LabDoor, an online health and science magazine, has crunched the numbers. According to its calculations, about 117 of the 324 calories you’ll get in a slice of pepperoni pizza (it used Domino’s) are from fat, with a total of 13 grams per slice".

"When you dab your slice, you reduce your fat per slice from 13 grams to 8.5 grams, LabDoor deduces, and your calories from 117 to 76.5 per slice, saving you 40.5 calories of fat per slice"

"Figuring that the average American eats 23 pounds of pizza — or about 87 slices of Domino’s pepperoni pizza each year — LabDoor calculates that dabbing will reduce your pizza-fat calorie intake from 10,179 calories to 6,655.5 calories and your overall pizza calorie intake from 28,188 to 21,532.5, the equivalent of about 20.4 fewer slices per year".


Larry Busacca, Getty Images for NYCWFF


These are facts that are amazing to me, not to mention the pounds off my body.

Also, now I have evidence to prove to my family I am not the only one doing "the pizza dab".