Ever wonder how to cure stinky feet or hiccups?

There are natural cures found right in the cabinets of your home.Check this out!

If you want to get rid of stinky feet. Soak your feet in vodka. If vodka sprayed on clothes can remove smells, why not your feet? Right?!

Do you get stress headaches? Put a pencil between your teeth and bite down. Those headaches are often caused because we clench our teeth.

If you have achy feet and no time or low on funds for a massage, run your feet over a tennis ball.

Wonder how to get rid of hiccups? Take a spoon full of sugar let it dissolve in your mouth and swallow. Your hiccups will be gone.

Not time to brush your teeth eat fruit, particularly apples.

Those are just a few of the natural cures. Wow!

Do you have any home remedies that you use for cures?

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