This is one fine way to kick off the MLB season. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, it is 2020, after all.

This is not the kind of call to the bullpen first-year skipper, David Ross, wants to be making. The left-hander won't even be assessed for a possible return for at least two weeks.

The Cubs' starter cut his hand while washing dishes, at home in Miami. His thumb needed five stitches. He saw a hand specialist in Miami, who then consulted with Cubs doctors. After traveling to Chicago, Quintana underwent microscopic surgery on the thumb Thursday and was revealed to have sliced into a digital sensory nerve. The nerve was repaired in surgery.

This is a shortened season already and considering the time it will take for Jose to completely heal,'s speculation on his number of starts seems very real,

"he'll miss a significant chunk of the 12 he would’ve had in a 60-game regular season under the very best of circumstances."

This only spells trouble, in an area where the Cubs already have struggles.

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