I honestly don't have very much to add to this commercial. Mostly because I don't speak Japanese. 

What's that commercial for? After doing absolutely no research I think it's some sort of Japanese Straw-Brrrr-y Beer-a-Rita™. Do I want to drink whatever he's selling? No. Must I have it? Absolutely.

If Mune (that's what his friends call him, I think) endorses it, I'll give it a try. He's easily my favorite player that's barely even a major leaguer. Mune spent most of his time last year in Iowa but was called up for the World Series roster. Even Joe Maddon knew that you had to have that kind of leadership to win a title.

If this is your first time hearing of Mune you are in for a treat. The guy does a 10/10 interview every time the camera finds him. Enjoy this highlight video of your favorite baseball player you never knew existed.


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