You may remember Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. running wild with the "W" flag after the Cubs won the World Series Championship last year, but the real reason behind his passion for the flag will tug at your heartstrings big time.

Carl Edwards Jr. recently wrote an article for The Players' Tribune called "Why I Fly the W So Hard", and after reading it I had tears in my eyes.

I admit I am not much of a sports fan, but I do know that lasting, meaningful friendships are made while playing sports, and that is exactly how Carl Edwards Jr. met his best friend, Will.

In his Players' Tribune article, Edwards Jr. paints a vivid picture of the huge impact his friendship with Will Bedenbaugh has had on his life, and how much Will's tragic death effected him emotionally.

Edwards Jr. was traded to the Cubs several years after Will's passing, and in the article he talks about the moment he learned of the Cubs' tradition of "Flying the W";


when I got traded to the Cubs later that summer, and learned about Chicago’s tradition with the W flag, I couldn’t help but think of Will. It almost seemed like it was meant to be — like Will had intervened to help bring me to Chicago or something.


He goes on to talk about the Cubs winning the World Series last Fall, and said;

What I remember most is celebrating with my teammates and running around with that W flag.

When I see that big W, or when anyone mentions “flying the W,” I think about Will. Every time.

During those moments of celebration with the flag, I’m showing love to Chicago, and to Wrigley, and to Cubs fans all around the world. But I’m also shouting out Will Bedenbaugh. If it weren’t for him, and for his guidance and friendship, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Take a moment to read Carl Edwards Jr.'s full story here. It's such a beautiful and inspirational tribute to a life gone way too soon. Go make Will proud again this season, Carl. We'll all be watching and cheering you on!


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