Hey! Hey! It's goes with out saying, Harry sure loved his cold beverages! We all knew that, but now the hard evidence has confirmed what we know all along. A Chicago Sun-Times report  reveals that, for tax-deduction purposes, Caray kept detailed diaries that included  where he drank and with whom. The Sun-Times article looked through Caray’s diary in detail:

Saturday, Jan. 1, 1972 lists four bars: the Back Room, still on Rush Street, plus three long-ago joints: 20 E. Delaware, Sully’s and Peppy’s, with expenses for each $10.30, $9.97, $10, and $8.95. This in a year when a six-pack of Old Style set you back $1.29.

Of course to receive a tax  write off you need to keep a log of who you entertained. So, on New years day 1972, Caray lists Dave Condon, the Chicago Tribune sports columnist; Billy Sullivan, who owned Sully’s; and Joe Pepitone, the former Yankees first baseman who had been traded to the Cubs.

Harry have a cold on for me up there! Read more here.