Country stars have enviable bank accounts, elaborate homes and a whole lot of stage time. They hit up red carpets and fly around the world, getting mobbed by fans wherever they go. But could it be that, despite those obvious differences, country stars are just like us?

The gallery above shows country stars doing everyday things. Nope, they're not hailing their assistants or calling on hairstylists to fix their bad hair days; they're acting like ... us! Luke Bryan loves to go fishing, Frankie Ballard enjoys hanging out with his parents, and RaeLynn (along with every other person in the world) can't get by without a Starbucks fix.

Jessie James Decker hits up Cracker Barrel -- and not just for a regular dinner; she recently went there for Easter lunch. No fancy-schmancy catered food for this country lady! Hunky Sam Hunt could probably sweet talk a whole lot of people into doing his laundry, but he recently shared a photo of himself sitting at a laundromat. Doing laundry. And probably folding it, too.

Every country fan knows that Carrie Underwood has gorgeous locks, thanks to top-notch stylists. But sometimes, she just doesn't have time to do her hair, so she does what all women do: masterfully hides it and distracts from the problem. Plus, one of the dudes from Florida Georgia Line was caught buying something that everybody needs (but no one wants to admit) during a grocery run: a huge pack of toilet paper.

Click through the gallery below to see more photographic evidence that country's brightest stars are just like you and me:

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