Blame on it on the rain, literally. Experts are warning of high prices for corn and corn products.

Less than half of corn crops have been planted in Illinois and even worse, some of those crops are flooded. WQAD in Quad Cities reported the problems arising from recent weather.

Farmers in Iowa and Illinois are starting to run out of time to plant corn. The growing season has already been shortened by flooding and heavy rains, keeping farmers out of their fields.

A farmer near Edginton, Illinois told WQAD, "this could all impact grocery prices for products made from corn starch, corn syrup or corn-fed animals."

According to the USDA, only 35 percent of corn has been planted so far in Illinois. This same time last year, nearly all of it was already in the ground.

This problem goes beyond corn-on-the-cob, it affects everything with corn as an ingredient, mentioned in the WQAD interview.

If we stay in this scenario, it'll definitely drive up prices for anything that's corn-based.

Many farmers have insurance for this scenario, which should get them through until next year.

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