It's been almost a decade since Rockford residents received word of a roundabout being build at the intersection of Auburn Street and N. Main Street and people are still talking about it.

It began with learning local businesses would be greatly affected but the development, including forcing some of them to permanently close. Not only that but it led to some residents complaining about having to navigate through the roundabout itself. It's been eight years since completion and people are still complaining.

Personally, I think roundabouts are more frustrating for those who know how to travel through them, which is easy to do when you pay attention to signs and arrows.

Let's refresh on how to use a roundabout before I prove Rockford isn't as bad at roundabouts as some of us think.


I've traveled through Auburn and Main a hundred times at least, the same goes for the roundabout by Chicago Rockford International Airport. At least, every third time I go through a roundabout in Rockford someone isn't paying attention or driving through it correctly.

I can't tell you how many times I've said, "Rockford drivers are the worst at roundabouts." (Usually, there's more swearing involved.). That all changed when I saw a video of our neighbors to the south using a new roundabout.


Congratulations Rockford, you're no longer the worst at roundabouts. Kentucky gets that title.

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