I'm going to be perfectly honest right now, once I read the headlines about the father and his two sons who were found dead in their Belvidere home yesterday morning, my heart broke. Then when the news broke that police confirmed it was a triple homicide, I could not read anymore, it was too disturbing for my heart to handle.

Imagining the pain the family they left behind is feeling right now brings tears to my eyes, and I know I am not the only one that feels that way. Andrew Hintt and his 5 and 7-year-old sons were taken from a loving fiancee' and younger siblings who now have to figure out how to live without their beloved Dad, supporter, and brothers.


Such tragedy happening so close to home has hit the Stateline community hard, and support for the victims' family has started to pour in. A GoFundMe for Andrew Hintt's fiancee' and three young kids has been established, but the support needed goes well beyond monetary donations.

Belvidere resident and neighbor of the Hintt family, Lacey Allison, recently told mystateline.com;

His fiancé is a stay at home mother of 5, he was the provider, and me and her had many talks about it through the summer when we would sit together. She would say if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have anything.

It breaks my heart for her, now that not only are the other three children missing their father and their siblings, but now she’s missing her fiancé and they can’t continue their life together.”

Besides setting up the GoFundMe for the Hintts, Lacey Allison also said the family desperately needs donations of diapers in sizes 2 and 5, boys clothes in sizes 9 months and 2t, and girl clothes in a size 3t. Please find it in your heart to help this family who has lost soo much right before Christmas.

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