A nationwide survey which outlined the state of workplace manners, etiquette and ethics was recently conducted. Seems the work place is getting crazier by the survey. Here are a few of the top things employees are doing that are driving others crazy. See if you agree.
According to PRNewswire, Kessler International conducted a survey by polling upper and mid-level management at 40 professional services firms, and found that the respondents indicated by an 84 percent margin that their staff was inconsiderate and rude in the workplace. In addition, the same respondents cited by 65 percent that they felt a majority of their staff lacked a moral compass.

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Among the items most mentioned as unacceptable by mangers were:

1- untimely and inappropriate use of cellphones

2- wearing inappropriate clothing to work

3- complete lack of courtesy

4- use of street talk and signs in professional meetings

5- the inability of younger staff to write a letter/email

6- the lack of personal responsibility

7- failure to say please and thank you

8- lying to phone caller

9- hanging up on phone calls when they are confronted and were uncomfortable

10- cheating on time billed to clients and stealing time by arriving late and leaving early

11- cutting corners on work product rather than staying after hours to correct the mistakes they made

12- visiting sex and dating websites on company time

13- sexting on company phones

14- the inability to interact professionally with clients during a business function

15- the lack of manners

16- the lack of integrity

It's time to get back to the basics of life as the song states. What ever happened to a honest wage for a honest day of work. Come on America, 'Keep it classy' is what I say.