While we're still not sure exactly how Major League baseball will look, when it returns, there is a chance to be in attendance... sort of.

The City of Chicago has given the green light to Wrigleyville rooftop owners to open up and let Cubs fans in, with restrictions of course.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot said,

“Maintaining the health and safety of Chicago’s residents, particularly as we continue to gradually reopen, is our top priority. Earlier this month, we issued additional guidance to restaurants and taverns as it pertains to reopening and moving into phase four. As the the rooftop patios overlooking Wrigley field are also restaurants and taverns, they are included in this overarching guidance and must operate within the guidelines established by the City in coordination with public health guidance.”

Rooftop owners are only allowed to sell tickets to 25% capacity. Some rooftops are a little larger than others but that still does;t really change the fact that there won't be tons of opportunity to score seats. The price of tickets has also not yet been determined, according to a recent story at wgntv.com.

One thing is for certain, this may not be our favorite season ever, but it sure will be interesting to watch unfold.

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