Chuck Wicks and his wife Kasi are expecting! The couple will welcome their first child together — a boy — at the end of this year, after undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Wicks, 40, and Kasi, 36, who got married in July of 2019, announced their big news via People on Wednesday (June 17). Kasi, who has three daughters from a previous marriage, admits she "thought I was done" having children before she met Wicks, but "couldn't imagine not having a child with him," so the two began trying to conceive shortly after their wedding.

However, Wicks' sperm counts were low, causing their fertility issues. "As a man, the last thing you want someone to tell you is you can't do this. It makes you feel small. It makes you feel like you're not a man," the singer and radio personality confesses.

Undeterred, Wicks and Kasi began preparing for an IVF treatment. "We started hearing a lot of very similar stories that had successful outcomes, so I think it gave us that hope that, okay, maybe this can work for us, too," says Kasi.

One of two egg/sperm combinations was fertilized successfully, and after two months of hormone shots and prep, Kasi underwent the embryo transfer on March 25. By that time, the couple knew the embryo was healthy, and that the baby would be a boy.

"I see this incubator come in, and I just start sobbing because I knew inside that incubator was my little boy," Wicks remembers. A little over a week later, the pregnancy was confirmed.

"It's just such a miracle, such a blessing," Wicks adds. "I'm thankful for amazing doctors, thankful for science ... The fact that we had to go this route makes us realize even more how special having a child is."

Wicks and Kasi are already parents to 21-year-old Makenzie, 19-year-old Madison and 9-year-old Avery; Kasi adopted the two older girls during her first marriage. Kasi is the sister of country superstar Jason Aldean, meaning he'll be an uncle, again, to this baby boy.

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