Chris Young's fans sure are dedicated. One fan in particular wanted to show his or her dedication to the singer in an interesting way, choosing to make a unique version of Young's video for 'Tomorrow' -- with Legos!  It's a spot-on remake.

The Lego scene is set with a complete house made of Legos similar to the one in Young's original video. The Lego artist even added tears to the leading Lego lady for the full emotional effect. Although Young may not be as handsome in Lego form, his facial stubble, frown and mini cowboy hat give the plastic figure a lot of character.

The Young fan dedicated some serious time to making the music video. From the characters embracing to wardrobe changes, there are lots of tiny details the creator gets just right. The characters even appear to be moving in the four-minute music video, thanks to time consuming stop motion tricks. The video isn't technically made from only Legos. It appears the Lego version of Young covers up with cotton balls when he's laying in his Lego bed.

Before the credits roll, the female Lego is packing up and hopping into her Lego truck. It's as close to the original as you can get with plastic toys. Check out the Lego video above and compare it to the original below.