Some of us may recall getting that toy we really wanted for Christmas, while others still hurt over never getting that gift. Maybe their parents couldn't afford the gift, maybe the gift was the toy of the year, or maybe the child was flat out too bad to get such a gift. One thing is for sure, one Rockford radio personality never received the gift every little wanted, until now.

Q98.5 morning personality, Shannon Zimmerman (a.k.a Lil Zim) always wanted an Easy Bake Oven but never got one as a kid. Though she says she never actually asked for one there's reason to believe her rambunctious ways may be the reason she never got the oven for kids. (That assumption is not confirmed.) Today that all changed when a Byron man dropped off an almost new Easy Bake Oven with a letter and left it for Lil Zim.

TO: Little Zim
FM: Mark S.

RE: Easy Bake Oven

I heard you whining one morning on my commute to work in Rockford how you never got what you wanted for Christmas so I thought I would make your dream come true. Found this at the (Rockford Rescue) Mission Thrift Store as it is my job to sort and price electronics. I got permission from my supervisor to buy this for you with the hopes it puts a smile on your face and you might give the Rockford Rescue Mission Thrift Store a little plug.

It was donated without any accessories but I found out you can buy everything you need, as well as cake mix, here.

Have a Merry Christmas,

Mark S.

Byron, Illinois

Thank you, Mark, for making one little girl's wish finally come true. There's no doubt Shannon has already purchased the necessary accessories and has begun planning what she'll be baking in the near future on her Easy Bake Oven.

In all seriousness, Mark's volunteering effort goes unnoticed as we can confirm he's been helping Rockford Rescue Mission for a number of years in some capacity. It's a warm heart like his that adds a little happiness and hope to the Rockford community.

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