The party is on. Get your tickets now for the big rally at Soldier Field for the Chicago Blackhawks. The celebration will be Thursday, June 18 at NOON. Details on tickets and the parade are here. 


The parade will begin at 10 a.m. Central on Thursday, June 18 and will run along Monroe St. beginning at Jefferson St. and continuing to Michigan Ave. A rally will be held afterward at Soldier Field. The rally will be a free ticketed event. Grant Park and Hutchinson Field are too soggy after recent rains.

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According to ESPN Chicago, tickets will be limited to four per person and available at starting at NOON today, Wednesday, June 17.

Soldier Field will open to ticket holders at 9 a.m. ET on Thursday.

There will be a $20 car parking fee at Soldier Field, and officials are also considering beer sales at the event. Officials are also looking into jumbo screens for fans who gather outside Soldier Field since it will legally hold about 65,000 fans.

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Parade coverage and more begins at 9 a.m. on ABC7 Chicago and online at

No matter where you watch the celebration, take it all in. Thank you Chicago Blackhawks.