Well pothole season is upon us. And they are absolutely everywhere. So many, you just don't see a way that they'll all get filled. There's nothing like losing a tire or two on your morning commute. I will say that the Rockford road crews have been hard at work and our roads are getting a bit better as we head into summer. But in Chicago they are still pretty prevalent on the roadways. One Chicago TV personality took matters into his own hands according to TheTakeout.com.

Pat Tomasulo, a sports reporter for WGN Channel 9 and host of 'Man of the People' went to Vienna beef and bought buckets of Giardiniera Peppers and commenced to filling in potholes with them. He even threw Italian Beef sandwiches to the people walking by. Tomasulo said they wanted to fill the potholes with something that was Chicago-centric.They thought about using deep dish pizzas, hotdogs and even just wet Italian beef but they didn't want to be too wasteful. In the end they chose the Giardiniera peppers.

Some people that passed by actually used the peppers in the potholes for their free sandwich. After everything was done they cleaned it all up. As far as originality, I say this one takes first place. Now I'm really craving an Italian Beef.

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