As the proud parent of a ginger, I think this is awesome!

Until I had my very redheaded daughter, I never realized how special and eye-catching red hair is. People stop us constantly to admire and comment on Ella's hair. Everyone wants to know where it came from, and it's mostly my fault.  I was born with very red hair, in fact my Mom always tells me that when she first saw me after I was born she thought the doctors forgot to wash the blood out of my hair. Not the case, but that red hair went white blond when I was three, but seems to be going back to red more and more every year. Ella's daddy has some red in his hair too though, so hers may stick.

Point of my story is: Redheads are very special to me.

Of course I was so excited when an awesome co-worker alerted me yesterday to the most amazing festival ever to hit the state of Illinois; the inaugural Highwood 2015 Redhead Days on June 6 and 7 in the Chicago suburb of Highwood, Illinois.

The Redhead Days Festival originated in Holland with the goal of uniting redheads with the values of bonding, pride, and recognition. Since then they have been setting records, and the community of Highwood is proud to host the very first 2 day "ginger jamboree" in the United States.

The 2015 Redhead Days is for redheads of all ages and will feature ginger food, drinks and other goodies. There will be a carrot cake contest, and the event will culminate with the largest ever redhead gathering photo on Sunday. For more information, and to stay up to date on Chicago's Redhead Days, check out their facebook page here.