You gotta love the fun the Cubs put back into baseball! Have you seen the new thing? The dancing bullpen, is the new Wrigley rage!

Joe Maddon must be doing something right. it looks like the Cubs er having a blast, even if this season so far is somewhat mediocre. Then again, the Cubs are on a winning streak, as of late so why not dance?

Did you catch the Cubs dancing on Tuesday night? Someone teach us these moves.

This dance took place on Tuesday night in the fifth inning under the bleachers after Anthony Rizzo hit three-run homer to right field in the fifth inning. It sure looks as if each player has his own special dance unique dance.

Wrigley Field goers will note that as part of the renovations to Wrigley, the Cubs are now underneath the bleachers, and yes they have space to spread out and bust a move. Fans have a hard time seeing them, but the TV cameras caught the action.

Here's how it played out in real time

David Ross, eat your heart out! Looks like some new competition will soon come to dancing with the stars.

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