Chase Rice's 'Gonna Wannna Tonight' video shows a different side of the singer: a sweet, sensitive side.

The followup to 'Ready Set Roll' is a complete change of pace for the former football player, who, until now, hasn't given us a peek at his inner romantic. The 'Gonna Wanna Tonight' video, directed by Jeff Venable, brings out a man in love, enjoying some time with his main lady, and we're convinced of their story, even if they're just acting.

The clip starts with the singer sitting at a dimly-lit desk, putting the song on paper before picking up his guitar to sing it and play it. Rice and his love take a break from the daily grind to enjoy time together in a cabin, where they drink whiskey, cuddle in a hammock and enjoy one another's company at the secluded location. They're not totally alone, though -- man's best friend has also come along for the trip.

The song is a cut from Rice's 'Ignite the Night,' and there could be a reason it's so vastly different -- it's one of the few tracks Rice didn't write. Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins and Shane McAnally penned this one and later convinced Rice to include it on his album.

“If you wanna go away, out where there ain’t nobody around / And let your long hair get to fallin’ down / And let your red lips leave their mark all over mine," Rice sings with a smile.

Watch Rice's 'Gonna Wanna Tonight' video above.

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