The Boone County Fair Association has announced that there will be no poultry show at the fair this year. Here's why.


The Boone County Fair has decided to not include a poultry show at the fair this year because of the outbreak of Avian Flu in surrounding states affecting some 46 million birds.


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According to WREX TV, Boone County Fair Association President Lyle Lee Lee says while there are no known cases to date in Illinois and there is no issue with the flu causing problems with the public, the fair board felt it best to cancel to poultry show to protect the exhibitors and the public from any potential problems.

So for now, the poultry show for 4-H, Junior and Open classes, has been cancelled.

On a positive note, Country star Josh Turner will be the main stage entertainment this year. Listen for more updates on Q98.5.

The Boone County Fair runs from August 11 to August 16.