Well for waking up to a sinus headache, my birthday is certainly turning around today.

From gifts, to phone calls to texts and most importantly sun!

I'm so glad I can celebrate my birthday with you today!It makes this day I've been dreading a little easier to except. You see at 11:45PM I'm saying goodbye to my 30's and venturing into the 40's! How on earth did I get to be 40? Wow! I still feel like I'm 27.

I gotta say though, waking up to a birthday gift hanging on my door of a Diet Coke, Zebra Cake, Dove dark chocolate, and Marathon gas gift card isn't too shabby. Thanks to my special birthday fairy (aka my Landlord). I look forward to every year to see what will be left on my doorstep. That certainly, snapped me out of feeling blah.

Then seeing my phone literally blowing up with facebook well wishes and this fantastic video from my friend Dave Wells really made me laugh.

I'm truly looking forward to the rest of this day. Including my Mom's birthday dinner.

Ever since we were kids, we always got to pick out a favorite meal and dessert for our birthday and Mom would either make it or we could go out to eat for it (if we picked a restaurant).

Tonight she's making a crock pot meal I haven't had in forever, probably since I moved out. It's called Cantonese Dinner and she's also making me a hot chocolate fuge cake for dessert. Yummo. Don't worry I'll post pictures of it tomorrow for you including the recipes.

Well if 40 is starting out like this, I say bring it on... after all isn't 40 the new 30?

Here's a little something to ponder about what things were like 40 years ago, according to Take me to.

I can't believe it gas was $0.55!  "Jaws" was the popular book and "The Godfather II" and the James Bond flick "The Man with the Golden Arm" were the top films.