Life in my hometown will never be the same thanks to Bill Murray and a chubby little groundhog. Yes, it's Groundhogs Day, the most wonderful time of the year in nearby Woodstock, Illinois. Here's why.

In 1992, something astonishing happened in the historic city of Woodstock, Illinois. People came to town and roped off the picturesque city square, moved all sorts of equipment into the park and started playing the Pennsylvania Polka, over and over and over again. Hollywood came and filmed the movie "Groundhogs Day" more than 20 years.

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The movie has become a favorite of young and old for more than 20 years, and the city gathers each year to remember the fun and celebrate the special community that Woodstock has always been. They've had visitors from as far away as Australia, celebrities from the Groundhog Day movie and local media and everyone agrees that this festival is a great way to shake off the gloom of Winter, if just for a few days.

This Groundhogs Day, enjoy a walking tour to see where the movie was developed. Many sites have been recognized with an engraved metal plaque that refers to the appropriate scene form the movie. You can enjoy walking the paths and remembering the moments any time of the year. However, If you’re lucky enough to be in Woodstock during Groundhog Days weekend, you can take advantage of the Guided Walking tour. Hear the stories, told by people who were a part of the movie-making process.

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There are parades, events, and more for the family to enjoy. According to, you can see and enjoy more than ever before.

Plus, on February 2nd, Woodstock Willie will predict an early Spring or a longer Winter.

Do yourself a favor. Watch the movie and drive East 4 minutes on Route 20 and enjoy the magic. It's great family fun.

You never know, Bill Murray may even jump out of a tree trunk during the festival.