Any woman who was a teenager in the 70's knows who, and was probably in love with, Shaun Cassidy, and if you've lived in the Rockford area for some time, you probably know the beautiful face of Morgan Kolkmeyer.

Morgan is from Rockford, graduated from NIU, and spent three years as a meteorologist and anchor at 13 WREX. In May of 2017 Morgan started at WGN in Chicago as a meteorologist, and viewers appear to be loving her. They're loving her so much in fact, that they take time out of their day to share comparisons of her and her celebrity doppelgangers like Shaun Cassidy. Yes, I said Shaun Cassidy. LOL!

Kolkmeyer recently tweeted a photo sent to her by a viewer which is funny enough, but it's the zinger response from Shaun Cassidy himself that had me dying.


And here's Shaun Cassidy's stellar response;


Mr. Cassidy, your rule as a heart throb may have been before my time, but right now I'm totally crushin' solely because of that witty response. LOL!!

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