Cassadee Pope has a new single coming out just in time for the warm-weathered months, appropriately titled "Summer." The new track is about a young love during the carefree season, and it was influenced by none other than her tour mate and duet partner, Chris Young.

There's no need to jump to conclusions; it wasn't inspired from any kind of romance the two shared. Instead, it came to be her newest single simply from his affinity for the love song.

"The thing that [Young] reminded me the most of was just don't worry about the message or the tempo. Just worry about what speaks to you the most and what you feel you should put out there," Pope shares with Taste of Country. "So I let that piece of information decide the single for me and that's how I landed on 'Summer.'"

Young may not have romantically influenced the 26-year-old singer's single, but there still was a man behind the song. Pope shared that the track was concocted from memories of falling in love at the beach when she was only 17 years old. She shared with us some advice for any fan who may face the same situation this summer.

"Don't kiss him!" she says half-jokingly.

Watch the video above to get the full story of her young summer love.

Pope's new EP, which shares the same name as the single, is slated for release on June 3.

Cassadee Pope, Summer Track Listing:

1. “Summer”
2. “Piano”
3. “Kisses at Airports”
4. “Alien”

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