It's no coincidence that Carrie Underwood has kept some of the dazzle and glamor from her Las Vegas residency as she embarks on her new Denim & Rhinestones album cycle. She says that her Vegas outfits are "some of my favorite that we've ever done."

In a new interview on Friday Night Takeover with Audacy's Rob + Holly, Underwood explains that her Las Vegas looks are especially true to her own personal style.

"Different acts have different feels. I have, like, kinda big poofy dresses, I have things that are a little more rock 'n' roll. There's a lot of me in the wardrobe," she elaborates. "Like, personal pieces that I had in my closet that I brought."

Several of those items are the ones that err more on the rock 'n' roll side. "I collect vintage tees, and I had big Guns N' Roses T-shirts, and I had one that was Patty Loveless," Underwood goes on to say. "Just kind of a random assortment of T-shirts. And I'll buy them even when they're huge, and we'll make rompers out of them."

The singer says it's especially gratifying to see a piece of clothing go from being an oversized T-shirt in her closet to a glamorous, ultra-personal stage outfit.

"It's fun to take something that was in my closet, that's mine, I bought it because I wanted it and I loved it, and we transformed it into something for a show," she adds.

Underwood's had plenty of chances to live out her rock 'n' roll fandom dreams in real life lately. Not only does she get to rock a Guns N' Roses tee onstage, but she also teamed up with the legendary rockers in real life, joining them for two songs in London at the beginning of July.

But as much as she loves custom-made, rock-heavy outfits, Underwood also has a sense of occasion. For example, she says she's "very particular" about what she wears when she's performing on the Grand Ole Opry stage, especially as an Opry member.

"You see pictures on the wall, or just looking up things about the Grand Ole Opry, and I feel like the women always dressed in a certain caliber," Underwood reflects. "It was very rhinestones, it was very shiny — you know, it was a certain kind of dress. And I love trying to carry that legacy on, 'cause they were just so beautiful to me, growing up and seeing those pictures."

So, what makes a perfect Opry dress? Underwood says she can't quite describe it — but she knows it right away when she sees it.

"Most of my Opry dresses are kinda poofy. It's the thing, when I'm looking through dresses, I'll be like, 'That's an Opry dress.' And you just know it when you see it," the singer says. "I don't know if I have an absolute favorite one that I've ever worn there, but they're all very — they're chosen specifically for a purpose."

Underwood is currently brainstorming for her next stage looks. She's going out on her Denim & Rhinestones Tour in the Fall of 2022, bringing Jimmie Allen as direct support on the trek.

PICTURES: See Inside Carrie Underwood's Breathtaking Nashville Mansion

Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, owned a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 2-half-bathroom home in an affluent Nashville suburb called Brentwood. The 7,000-square-foot mansion features a wet bar, fitness center and tennis court, as well as a four-car garage, walk-out basement with heated marble floors and extra appliances, including a sub-zero fridge and wine fridge. That house is where Underwood suffered a devastating fall in 2017.

The couple sold the luxurious home for $1,410,000 in March of 2019, after they moved into the massive dream home that they had spent several years building from scratch.

PICTURES: See Inside Carrie Underwood's Beautiful Post-'American Idol' Home

Carrie Underwood invested her money wisely after winning American Idol in 2005. One of her first big purchases was a 3,099-square-foot home in the well-to-do Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tenn. Underwood paid $384,000 for a luxurious 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom stone and stucco home in a private gated community.

The house features a library, a vaulted ceiling and lovely amenities throughout, but while it's very nice, it's certainly not the kind of home you'd picture for a budding country superstar. Underwood wound up being a huge success right out of the gate with her debut album, Some Hearts, and she sold the home in Franklin for $372,500 in 2007, when she purchased the Brentwood mansion that she would later share with her husband, Mike Fisher.

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