Anything can happen on live tv and some things are just a little funnier than others. 

There's something special about live tv, radio, any sort of live media, anything can happen and there are no do-overs.

From time to time I do some live 'reporting,' but nothing too crazy and thankfully nothing like this.

Today in Chicago, NBC 5 reporter, Lisa Chavarria has a visitor atop her head.

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Am American robin. She handled it like the pro she is. I would've freaked out the second the bird's foot hit my head. Honestly just thinking about a little bird toe on my scalp might make me scream, which might be why I don't spend more time live reporting. It looks like the little guy didn't spend too much time on Lisa's head though, watching the video made me laugh and wonder if I would react closer to Lisa's nonchalant hand check.




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The bird almost looked like he just needed a push to get some more oomph to power up his flight, it was pretty early in the morning after all.

Her co-workers shared the video in their Instagram stories saying she 'unflappably' continued with her report. Kudos to Lisa and kudos to whoever thought up that gem of a pun.

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