We're so used to Culver's we barely even think twice about their food. What do you think a newcomer to the restaurant would have to say about it?

Business Insider tried it out for the first time and this is what they had to say about it.

Business Insider has branches in New York, San Francisco and London and they sent two of their employees out to try the Wisconsin based fast food restaurant known for their tasty butter burgers and ooey, gooey cheese curds.

Here's what they say.

Fingers crossed it's a good review.



Wow! That's pretty cool Culver's passed with flying colors.

Even cooler yet, Culver's was compared to In and Out Burger and Five Guys. Both burger chains, in my opinion, are awesome in their own right.

So what restaurant would you like to see them try next that aren't the typical fast food chains we see in almost every state along the interstates?



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