Kristen Lane is an 18-year old teenager who was simply trying to to sell her junior prom dress on Facebook. That's when the trouble started.

It' wasn't long after she posted the pictures when the trouble started

Tennessee TV station WSMV reported that Kristen posted pictures of her wearing the gown on the Facebook site: "For Sale in Sumner County, TN,"

As with all things Facebook, users can place comments below the picture. The TV station reports that a few Facebook users wrote

Some very hateful things, just telling me I was fat and that I wasn't beautiful

It was shortly thereafter that the local community rallied to Kristen's side and showed her support in a big way.

Dozens of Facebook users also posted comments in support of Layne.

A Facebook user wrote, "It's obvious this woman is beautiful, inside and out, "another wrote that the dress "looks absolutely stunning."

"I don't know how to say thank you to people and accept the compliments because it doesn't happen a lot," Layne said to WSMV.

Layne's message to others who face bullies. "Don't let anyone break you down,"