I just received a friendly letter from the Secretary of the State telling me it's time to renew my license. A sense of panic came over me until I read a little further into the letter to see that all that was required was a vision test. Whew! No written test this time.

However, a good brushing up on my driving skills and road knowledge wouldn't be a bad thing.

I took this test from Quiznatic, "How Well Do You Know These Road Signs?" and I passed with flying colors.

My results: I'm a Road Sign Master! You did well and passed this quiz with ease. Not many people know what most of these signs mean, only less than 35% of the people aced this quiz. Share this quiz and see if your friends can do as well as you.

If you're facing a license renewal situation take this quiz to test your road sign knowledge.

Also, here's the link to Illinois Rules of the Road to help you out.

I'm grateful that this time, according to the letter, I only have to take a vision test.

It was 8 years ago, I had a renewal letter that stated a vision test.  When I went in to renew my license and they handed me the written test. I unfortunately didn't have my letter with me and the clerk wouldn't listen to me when I told her the letter stated a vision test only.

Ever had one of those dreams that you're taking a test that you didn't study for? Ugh! Talk about your worst nightmare coming true. I panicked. Thankfully, I passed. Talk about a high stress situation.

This time, I'm remembering to take the letter with me. I DO NOT want that to happen again. Although, I feel a little more confident in my roadside knowledge after taking this Quiznatic quiz. If they tell me I have to take the written test, I'll be prepared even though I don't want to take it.