I get that most of the celebrations surrounding an upcoming marriage, including the wedding itself, are pretty much focused on the bride, but a bro-dal shower? Yes, I think the groom deserves to be celebrated too, but what happened to having a good ole couples shower?

Apparently more and more men these days are opting out of the wild, drunken, stripper-filled bachelor parties in exchange for a more laid back affair. For this, I applaud men everywhere. I totally love the ideas behind the birth of the bro-dal shower, it's just when things start to get fancy that I get weirded out.  That is why I decided I needed to get the opinion about a bro-dal shower from a man himself.



Maybe I should have asked a guy that isn't all about the gifts. Lol!

Steve is also happy that the "toilet paper bride" is not a part of a bro-dal shower, and so am I. As you can see, I suck at that game.

Shannon Zimmerman, Townsquare Media