For all the ladies who are wondering: Brett Eldredge happens to have a special someone in his life. That special someone, however, has four legs, a tail, and is covered in fur.

Nothing quite compares to the love of man's best friend, and Eldredge takes the special bond with his adorable pup, named Edgar, to a whole other level in the reimagined video for "Love Someone."

Rather than needing a human partner to go through life with, the country star is perfectly content with his furry friend, going all out to show his affection. He calls on all the classic romantic-comedy cliches—such as setting up a romantic candlelit dinner for two (complete with a giant plate of Edgar's favorite food, steak) before playfully sharing an ice cream cone and a bowl of popcorn.

The pair are in perfect sync with one another, whether gazing at snow-covered mountains together (or, rather, the green-screen version), or soaking in the view from their back porch. When Edgar's riding shotgun on Eldredge's motorcycle, they both are twinning with cool dark shades.

The singer comes back to reality at the end of the video, though; putting together an compilation of he and Edgar's journey together—including a cute glimpse of Edgar sleeping in his lap the day he brought him home.

The original video for "Love Someone" features a collection of scenes from Eldredge's 2018 The Long Way Tour, capturing various moments he experienced on the road.

"When you hear "When I wake up in the middle of the night / You holding me so tight / Good Lord, I mean, my oh my .." for me, that sounds like something I heard in church when I was a kid. My grandpa kind of used to speak in that old way, and he used to use words like that, and I write a lot of songs inspired by my grandfather," Eldredge explains to the Boot about the songwriting process for "Love Someone."

He continues on The Long Way Tour with Devin Dawson and Abby Anderson until Oct. 19, when it wraps in Florida.

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