Have you ever been driving along a road, street, or highway and thought to yourself, "I feel like I'm moving in slow motion?" I can not be the only person who thinks this from time to time, right? Plenty of us can agree that going super slow can be annoying to the max.

One of the most aggravating times to be driving slow is when the speed limit is 55+ and you're stuck behind someone driving 10 miles an hour less than the posted speed. It is even worse if you are unable to pass the vehicle. This exact scenario happens to me at least once a week on my commute home, it's so frustrating.

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What do you do about times like this? You can not ride their bumper, give them a nudge with your front bumper, and you can't pass if you've in a no-passing zone, right? I guess, technically, you could any of those but you're at risk for legal troubles. This could soon be a predicament for some Wisconsin drivers.

Possible Lower Speed Limits Coming To Milwaukee

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lawmakers are pushing to lower the speed limit on all residential streets. To do this they must get consultants to look into it. It sounds like an in-depth project, according to FOX6. Milwaukee officials need "a transportation engineering, planning, or policy firm" and "a marketing firm that can demonstrate strong familiarity with the Milwaukee market."

School Zone Speed Limit Sign
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The speed limit official wants to adjust on residential streets in Milwaukee is 20 miles per hour. It may seem uber slow but considering the streets are narrow and in neighborhoods, there shouldn't be a need to go much faster.

Should they do this in Illinois too?

[h/t FOX6]

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