Locally, these places are as spooky as it gets. What makes the photo and video even better, is the grainy black and white look. It's like every nighttime "Ring" video of a cat walking past the camera..."Oh that's some sort of beastly creature!"

Let's start first with Blood's Point Road: between Fairdale & Pearl Rd. in Boone County SE of Cherry Valley , IL 61016


Bloodspoint Google Map
Bloodspoint Google Map

The trees kinda have a "human" look to them, as if they are people watching you. There are also reports of "phantom" vehicles traveling the road. Another on of the legends has to do with the "smell" when on Blood's Point Road. As the story goes, it's the odor of witch Beaula. She's believed to have hung herself and her children from the bridge, nice lady! Check out this video:

So it's on to the Blood's Point Cemetery. Here are some of the reported "scary" that comes with this place:


  • Hellhounds guarding the cemetery. Woof!
  • Dogs that come out of nowhere and attack visitors, then instantly disappear. Disappear boy, good doggie!
  • Ghosts and spirits have been seen walking along Blood's Point Rd. O.K., now stop it. 

As you can imagine, this time of year brings a lot of curious folks to Blood's Point Cemetery. There will be a police presence, so behave.

If you would like a video tour of Blood's Point Cemetery when it is light out, here you go...Not as scary but you get the point.

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