Blake Shelton is one of country music's most famous faces, but that face has changed since he dropped his first album in 2001. The superstar and coach on NBC's The Voice is prepping his 11th studio album for Nov. 3 and has released the cover art, but what is he thinking about as he stands alongside a dingy on Oklahoma's Texoma Shore?

For that matter, what was he thinking about as he flashed a dimpled grin at a duct-taped bar bench for a photo that would cover his self-titled debut? These are the important questions. We summoned the spirit of Blake in an effort to caption all 11 of his full-length albums, including his 2012 holiday album, Cheers, It's Christmas.

Shelton's album covers are remarkable for his changing hairstyles. A full mullet met a blow dryer for The Dreamer album cover, then he began to shorten ... and shorten and shorten. Those piercing blue eyes are a signature on most of his best albums, but his wry smile usually has us wondering what he's thinking about. Did he really have fellow The Voice coach Adam Levine on his mind during the Bringing Back the Sunshine shoot

Fans may never know (But yes, yes he did).

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