Blake Shelton may not have a future in Mixed Martial Arts-related party stunts, but at least he gave it his best shot. In a video he posted to Twitter on Wednesday (July 3), Shelton puts his best foot forward -- pun intended -- in his own attempt at the #BottleCapChallenge, featuring a bottle of Smithworks vodka.

The challenge originated in the MMA world, and took the Internet by storm after MMA fighter Max Halloway posted a video of himself unscrewing the cap off of a bottle with a single, swift roundhouse kick, without so much as disturbing the bottle itself. Halloway then challenged singer-songwriter John Mayer to complete the challenge, which he did, along with a number of other celebrities such as actor Jason Statham and DJ and producer Diplo.

The challenge actually yielded some pretty impressive results: Statham, Mayer, Diplo and singer Ellie Goulding all successfully completed it. Shelton's attempt was a different story, however. Instead of unscrewing the cap, he kicked over the whole bottle, knocking it to the ground.

"Oh God. What have I done?" Shelton lamented melodramatically, bending over to the ground to cradle the bottle. "What have I done?! Smithworks, I'm sorry!"

Shelton may not be martial arts star in the making, but at least he's in good company. Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line also failed to nail the challenge. In a video the duo posted to Instagram, Kelley kicked off his Fourth of July weekend by the water, giving the challenge a shot with help from a bottle of Old Camp Whiskey. Even with the help of the person holding the bottle, Kelley's kick knocked it out of frame. Hey, maybe it's just not a country star's game.

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