I do not like to talk about the divorce of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert because I am still so sad about it, but more details keep coming out about what led up to the split, and I am totally shocked by the latest.


Their divorce documents were recently released by the Oklahoma Court System which shows that Blake Shelton filed the divorce petition on July 6, 2015, at the same as he filed a petition for a protective order. Say what? I cannot believe what I am seeing.

Read it and weep for yourself: Court documents for B.T.S. vs. M.L.S.

I know Miranda Lambert has some sass and spunk to her, but dang girl, what happened to cause the filing of a protective order?

Perhaps Blake was just nervous about her reaction to the filing due to her songs like "Gunpowder and Lead" and "Crazy Ex Girlfriend"?

At the end of the day, it's none of our business what happened in their relationship. I feel just awful that they are forced to deal with such a painful and personal situation in front of the whole world.