Well, now we've just about seen it all as far as finding ways to bring back normalcy through a loophole. We're reading or seeing it all over the country. We know church services have been conducted in their parking lots with folks worshipping in their cars, plenty of birthdays celebrated with vehicles passing by homes, and even bands performing in parking lots with (like church services) folks having a good ole time in their vehicles. I feel like someone was at a drive-in theater and an aforementioned event and thought, "Hey, I have a great idea.", put it into execution and this happened.

This particular game took part in Mt. Zion, Illinois at a drive-in theater, according to HeraldReview.com. If you haven't been to a drive-in theater in a really long time, theater-goers listen to the movie through their radio. This also applies to any announcements from the drive-in theater itself. And, those fine Zioners applied this to the game for all ages, BINGO. There weren't many changes to how the game was played. You'll understand in a minute.

Players paid their usual entry fee, received their books, and pulled out their dobbers. All the normal rules apply for the most part while folks played the game from inside their vehicle, Of course, the balls were announced by a likely-booming voice on the other side of the radio frequency. However, players can't win simply by yelling, "BINGO!" With this version, those who dabbed a b-i-n-g-o had to honk their horn to claim their victory. There was a chance at even more winnings thanks to drive-in employees walking vehicle-to-vehicle with raffle tickets.


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