Sure, it's all fun, games, bunnies, and eggs--until a large snake peeks out of your toilet.

Jay Tipton and his family had their Easter celebration rudely interrupted by a guest that they say they most certainly didn't invite.

The Tipton family had gathered at a rented hall in Quincy this past Sunday for an Easter party, only to be informed that there was a "disturbance" in the men's bathroom.

That disturbance turned out to be a rather large, black snake poking its head out of one of the toilets.

Unsure of what to do, a quick-thinking member of their party jumped into action and...flushed the toilet.

The snake didn't get the hint that it was unwanted and uninvited until around the 4th flush, when it disappeared down the drain for good, allowing the family to continue their party without someone screaming in terror.

So, this story begs the question: what kind of snake was it? You may be surprised by the number of snakes (including venomous ones) that call Illinois their home:



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