Over the last few days, a lot of talk has been about an economic stimulus for Americans. They haven't even determined how much money individuals get and scammers are already trying to capitalize.

It's always a shame that when something bad is happening, there are people out there that try to scam the concerned. ABC 7 Chicago is reporting of a new scam. Scammers are calling claiming you qualify for the COVID-19 stimulus relief. They fish for your banking or credit card info in order to send you the money.


If anyone ever asks for personal information or requests any type of payment first, immediately ask them for a phone number to call them back and hang up. Then look up the phone number for the agency, call them, and give them the number that called and the call back number they provided.

The Federal Trade Commission has released some helpful tips if you believe the caller or email is a scam.

Be very mindful of anyone calling with stimulus support. If they are truly representing the government, requesting more info wouldn't be a problem for them. Make sure to tell the elderly about it as they are often the target of many of these scams.

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